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Web.com is one of the formidable names in the modern web design niche. Founded in 1999, the software has developed into one of the most popular solutions for individuals and businesses aiming to create a professional online presence. The number of websites it currently powers exceeds 175,028 and this is definitely not the final figure.

What’s interesting, Web.com offers web design and hosting solutions all in one package. In this review, however, we will focus on Web.com website builder – the tool that allows creating all types of web projects, including blogs, web stores, small business sites (the list of the best web design tools), portfolios etc.

This comprehensive review will delve into the features, ease of use, pricing, customer support and overall performance of Web.com, providing you with the insights required to make an informed decision. Let’s get started.

What Is Web.com?

What Is Web.com?

Meant for beginners and web design pros alike, Web.com is a comprehensive tool to be chosen for your site development and its further hosting. It now offers a range of features tailored to set up personal and business projects (list of personal website builders). The platform provides a user-friendly website builder, hosting services, domain registration, online marketing solutions etc. that make it a one-stop shop for all your web creation needs. These include:

  • Full-featured web design approach;
  • Online marketing tools;
  • Blogging options;
  • eCommerce platform;
  • AI tools;
  • Social media options etc.

Listed above are only several popular features included in the Web.com website builder package. Let’s explore them in details to get the understanding of what you can expect from the service.

Full-Featured Web Design Approach

Due to a simple yet full-featured website builder, it is now possible to launch professional-looking websites without requiring any coding knowledge. The drag-and-drop interface, along with a variety of customizable templates, makes it easy to design a site that reflects your brand and meets your specific requirements.

Online Marketing Tools

Beyond its core website building services, Web.com also provides a suite of online marketing tools aimed at driving traffic and increasing visibility for your site. These include search engine optimization services, PPC advertising and social media management. If needed, you can get a business email for a professional online presentation. The range of these features eventually results in the development of feature-laden websites that comply with most user requirements.

Blogging Options

Web.com allows users to easily create and manage a blog as part of their website. The platform provides a straightforward interface for writing and publishing posts, along with features like post scheduling, categories, tags, and comment moderation. With customizable templates, you can design your blog to match the aesthetic of your main site, ensuring a cohesive look and feel. Additionally, SEO tools are integrated to help your blog posts rank better on search engines, driving more traffic to your site.

eCommerce Platform

With Web.com, you get access to the set of features essential for running a successful eCommerce site. These include product listings, inventory management, secure payment processing and order tracking. Users can customize their store’s appearance and layout to reflect their brand as well as benefit from integrated marketing tools to promote products and drive sales.

AI Tools

Web.com incorporates AI tools to enhance the user experience and streamline website management. These include content generation tools that assist in content generation (text and visuals), SEO tools that help generate SEO-friendly content or recommend settings adjustments to improve user engagement and AI chatbots, integration of which lets you attract visitors 24/7 answering their questions and helping them explore your site.

Social Media Options

Web.com provides comprehensive social media integration options, allowing users to easily connect their website with various social media platforms. This integration includes social media buttons, shareable content and automated posting features. By connecting your site to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, you can increase your online presence, engage with your audience more effectively, and drive traffic back to your website. Additionally, Web.com also offers tools to manage social media campaigns and track their performance, helping you optimize your social media strategy.

By offering these features, Web.com ensures that users have access to all the tools they need to build, manage and promote a successful online presence, regardless of their technical expertise.

Web.com Pros and Cons

Web.com is not about powerful functionality only. Letting you set up, manage and host all types of web projects, the website builder offers advantages and disadvantages users should be aware of when picking the software for their web design needs.



  • User-friendly interface;
  • No coding needed;
  • AI website builder;
  • Blogging tools;
  • eCommerce platform;
  • AI tools;
  • Social media integration;
  • Customizable niche designs;
  • Integrated marketing tools;
  • Hosting included;
  • Domain name registration.
  • Limited customization options;
  • More expensive than other alternatives;
  • Performance issues (occasionally slower loading times, especially with larger, more complex projects);
  • Limited functionality on a free plan;
  • Baseline blogging functionality.

Editing a Website with Web.com

Editing a Website with Web.com

Web.com utilizes a drag-and-drop editor, allowing users to effortlessly move elements around the page and customize their layout without any coding skills. This visual approach to website development ensures that you can see changes in the real-time mode, making it easy to design a site that meets your exact requirements.

Drag-and-drop editor

When working on your project editing, you can add and modify text, images, videos and other multimedia elements with just a few clicks, ensuring your content is always up-to-date and engaging. Here are the main steps to set up a website with Web.com:

  • Sign up for the website builder and pick a plan that suits your needs most;
  • Select a template (browse through the template library and categories available there to make the choice);
  • Customize your website (use editing tools to adjust the settings);
  • Upload content by filling out text areas with info related to your business, services, products etc. Be sure to upload high-quality images or choose from the library of stock photos;
  • Integrate extra features like contact forms, maps, social media links etc.;
  • Adjust SEO settings (optimize page titles, descriptions and keywords etc.);
  • Set up domain name;
  • Test your website on different devices and browsers to make sure it displays well and all the uploaded info is correct;
  • Publish your website;
  • Maintain and update the project on a regular basis.

These capabilities make Web.com a versatile and powerful option for anyone looking to maintain and grow their online presence.

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Design Customization with Web.com

One of the standout features of Web.com is its range of customizable templates that serve as a quality starting point, giving you a professionally designed framework that you can tweak to match your brand’s identity.

Design Customization with Web.com

These designs cover a range of industries and styles, ensuring that users can find a layout that fits their business or personal brand. Once a template is selected, users can personalize it by changing colors, fonts, and backgrounds to match their brand’s aesthetic.

The platform offers a variety of color schemes and typography options, enabling users to create a cohesive and visually appealing design. Additionally, you can upload your own logos and images, ensuring that every aspect of your website reflects your unique identity.

For deeper design customization, it is also possible to add widgets and plugins to enhance functionality. Web.com users can incorporate custom CSS for more precise styling adjustments and leverage HTML editing for adding custom code elements. This is particularly beneficial for those with coding knowledge who want to fine-tune their site beyond the standard options.

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eCommerce Capabilities

eCommerce Capabilities

As mentioned above, Web.com allows setting up small and medium online stores, using the integrated feature set. The most essential of them are as follows:

  • Product Management: Add, edit and organize products with detailed descriptions, pricing and images;
  • Inventory Management: Keep track of stock levels and receive alerts when inventory is going to end;
  • Secure Payment Processing: Integrate with major payment gateways to provide secure, seamless transactions for your customers;
  • Order Management: Track orders from purchase to delivery, including real-time order updates and status changes;
  • Shipping Options: Offer multiple shipping methods and calculate shipping costs automatically based on location and weight.

eCommerce Tools

Web.com provides a variety of tools to enhance your eCommerce operations. Users can create and manage promotional discounts and coupons to attract customers and boost sales. Effective customer management options make it possible to maintain detailed customer records, track purchase history and manage customer communications.

The system also lets web store owners automatically calculate taxes based on customer location and ensure compliance with local tax regulations. Likewise, it is possible to enable customer reviews and ratings to build trust and provide social proof for your products.

To make sure your potential customers remember their shipping intentions, the abandoned cart recovery feature is available here as well. The system will send automated emails to customers who leave items in their cart, encouraging them to complete their purchase.

eCommerce Templates

Web.com has a separate section of eCommerce designs in its library that cater to various industries and styles. These themes are all responsive by default and they are designed to provide a professional and attractive storefront that can be easily customized to match your brand. You can adjust the layout and design elements of your store to create a unique shopping experience.

To enhance the design and functionality of your web store and to present the products to the target audience, you can add high-quality images and banners to create a visually appealing store that attracts customers.

Analytic Tools

Web store analysis is required for more effective monitoring and optimization of its performance. Web.com offers a range of built-in analytic tools to complete the task. The system allows generating sales reports to track sales performance over time, identify trends and make data-driven decisions to improve your business. Traffic analysis is also possible here to let you understand the major traffic sources and their interaction with your store. Finally, you can track the conversions to monitor the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and identify areas for improvement to boost conversion rates.

Blogging with Web.com

Blogging with Web.com

When it comes to blog creation, Web.com allows doing that in a few simple steps. Due to the set of blogging tools designed to help you create and manage a professional blog with ease, the process becomes simple and quite fast.

Blog Templates

Blog templates are also available in Web.com collection. Just like the rest of themes, they are all responsive and easy-to-customize to five your blog professional and visually appealing look. Templates are designed to showcase your content attractively, making it easy for readers to navigate and engage with your posts. You can customize elements like fonts, colors and headers to match your brand.

Commenting System

Web.com lets you engage with your readers through its integrated commenting system, which allows for interactive and meaningful discussions. The commenting system is easy to use for both bloggers and readers, encouraging more interactions. As a blog owner, you can control the discussions with moderation tools that let you approve comments before they go live, block spam, and manage user interactions. The notification system lets you stay informed about new comments, letting you respond on time.

Social Media Integration

Promoting your blog via social media accounts is a surefire way to attract new users and popularize your brand. Web.com offers seamless social media integration features to help you promote your content and engage with a wider audience. Users can add social media sharing buttons to their blog posts, making it easy for readers to share the content on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. The software also allows for automated blog post publishing in social media profiles, displaying info in social media feeds, tracking the performance of your blog posts and user engagement rate etc.

SEO Capabilities

SEO Capabilities

Quality and functionality of your Web.com-powered website depends on multiple factors. Proper SEO is one of them. The website builder grants access to the set of features you can set up with it to boost your project positions in the search engine results. Here they go:

  • Keyword optimization;
  • Meta tags management;
  • XML sitemap generation;
  • Alt text for images;
  • Mobile optimization;
  • URL structure customization;
  • Page load speed optimization;
  • SEO-friendly content editor;
  • 404 error page set up etc.

How Much Does Web.com Cost?

Web.com currently has three plans for standard and eCommerce websites. These are:

  • Website ($4.95/mo billed annually, renews at $15.99/mo) – AI-powered website builder, 150+ mobile-optimized templates, free domain for 1 year, free private domain registration, free SSL, free expert design support, social media tools, easy Google Site verification, basic website analytics, SEO ranking report, professional email free for 3 months, email/phone/24/7 live chat support;
  • Website + Marketing ($7.95/mo billed annually, renews at $21.99/mo) – Logo Builder, Business profile in local directories, search engine website submission, monthly SEO health checks, customizes SEO to-do lists, social and email marketing tools, appointment scheduling tool etc.;
  • eCommerce ($13.95/mo billed annually, renews at $29.99/mo) – powerful eCommerce reports, unlimited appointments, schedule appointment reminders, mobile-ready web store, unlimited products and categories, secure online payments, 24/7 automated sync technology, advanced shipping, QuickBooks, Online/Xero connection, real-time shipping rates, custom discount codes, abandoned cart saver, unlimited inventory locations, opportunity to sell on Facebook and Instagram, web store with secure checkout etc.

Each plan comes with a discounted rate for the first billing cycle (1 year) that includes services that will be discontinued upon the end of the promo term. These include free domain, free SSL certificate, private domain registration etc. The opportunity to get 1 hour of pro design support is also included in the plans yet it is viable for 14 days only.

Is Web.com a Good Website Builder?

Web.com cannot be called a leader of the website creation niche yet it has a set of features and tools that make it possible to set up a full-featured project. Its primary highlight lies in its user-friendly interface, which allows users with no coding knowledge to build professional websites quickly.

The drag-and-drop editor simplifies the design process, making it accessible for beginners while still offering enough customization options to satisfy more experienced users. Additionally, Web.com provides a variety of templates catering to different industries and styles, which can be easily customized to reflect your brand’s unique identity.

Along with ease of use, Web.com comes with a comprehensive set of features that can cover a diversity of web creation needs. As a business owner, you can get access to the integrated eCommerce tools (secure payment processing, inventory/product management, marketing tools etc.) to set up and run a quality online store. Need a personal project? Then go ahead to use blogging options, SEO tools, social media integration options etc.

Just like its multiple competitors, Web.com does come with some limitations that potential users should consider. Although it offers a range of free features included in its plans, there are still limitations that do not let you get the most out of the system without upgrading to one of premium subscriptions. The platform’s pricing can be higher compared to other website builders. Users looking for advanced flexibility and design customization, may find Web.com somewhat restrictive. Despite these drawbacks, Web.com still remains a strong contender in the website builder market – just consider your actual needs to decide whether it complies with your current project requirements.

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