HostGator Review

HostGator is currently included in the list of the most recognizable and popular hosting providers out there. Founded in 2002, the host has soon developed into one of the most well-known companies offering a variety of hosting solutions. According to recent estimates, HostGator now powers over 2,061,524 sites. This is quite an impressive number.

The software has gained the reputation of a trustworthy company not only because of its versatile hosting solutions, but also due to the state-of-the-art features and tools, flexible pricing, quality customer support and other advantages.

The platform will cover the hosting needs of all user categories – entrepreneurs, bloggers, personal site owners etc. This review is going to help you explore the software’s features, pros and cons, performance, pricing options, customer support etc. As a result, you will be able to decide whether HostGator complies with your project hosting needs or not.

Pros and Cons of HostGator

As one of the remarkable hosting providers, HostGator cannot but offer a list of advantages that make it stand out from the crowd. These pros may be the reasons why millions of users consider it a worthy solution. This, however, does not mean that the software lacks demerits. Obviously, there are aspects that require improvement. Let’s enlist all pros and cons now.



  • Reliability;
  • Diversity of hosting types;
  • Uptime up to 99.94%;
  • 30-day money-back guarantee;
  • Flexible pricing;
  • Free cPanel and site migration;
  • Unlimited resources (bandwidth and storage);
  • More features available on the shared hosting plans;
  • Professional customer support;
  • Email marketing options.
  • More expensive plans as compared to other hosting providers;
  • Insufficient dedicated speed features;
  • Expensive pre-selected services included in the plans by default;
  • Slow average site response times.

HostGator Features and Tools

HostGator Features and Tools

As mentioned above, HostGator offers an extensive selection of hosting types that cater to diverse user categories – from simple blogs and personal projects up to large-scale enterprises that require dedicated resources. It’s high time to review them now to decide on the best options for your project.

Types of Hosting

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. Shared hosting works best for small businesses

    Being one of the most popular options, shared hosting works best for small businesses, new site owners, bloggers and other users willing to set up and host small projects. This is actually the most cost-effective hosting type that allows several sites to share the same server. In this respect, it is frequently chosen for sites with low traffic volumes. HostGator’s shared hosting comes with one-click installations for popular applications like WordPress, unlimited bandwidth, and a free domain for a year on certain plans.

  3. VPS Hosting
  4. VPS hosting is more isolation and dedicated resources

    HostGator offers more isolation and dedicated resources to its VPS hosting plan subscribers. This means that you won’t have to share disk space, RAM or CPU. Instead, you get full root access, allowing for higher customization and better capability to better handle higher traffic.As a result, you can manage the CMS using a custom code, if needed. VPS hosting is a nice pick for businesses that require more control as provided in terms of shared hosting.

  5. Dedicated Hosting
  6. Dedicated server be a smart solution for a large business

    If you own a large business and a high-traffic site that requires trusted and full-featured hosting, a dedicated server might be a smart solution. This not only provides maximum control over the server environment but also guarantees the best performance as you won’t have to share a server with other websites. HostGator offers several configurations with powerful CPUs, ample RAM and massive storage options. All Dedicated plans offered by HostGator provide reliable DDoS protection to prevent potential server attacks and their impact on users’ resources.

  7. Managed WordPress Hosting
  8. Managed WordPress Hosting

    As seen from the name, this type of hosting is meant for WordPress sites only. It comes with features like automatic updates, backups, free SSL encryption, specialized security features, free site migration, free domain for the first year, simplified cPanel, free email with 25 mailing lists etc. Managed WordPress hosting helps maximize website speed and provide advanced security features for running professional WordPress websites.

  9. Reseller Hosting
  10. Reseller Hosting - more opportunities from HostGator

    HostGator reseller hosting targets users who intend to manage their own web hosting business without facing the necessity of creating a hosting company from the outset. All subscriptions included in the package come with free SSL encryption, WHM control panel, billing software options etc.

  11. Cloud Hosting
  12. Cloud hosting spreads your data across multiple different servers, which can be scaled quickly to handle increases in traffic and loads more effectively. HostGator’s cloud hosting offers faster load times and more redundancy than traditional shared hosting. Simple management and control over the resources make it possible for users to enhance the site functionality needed for smooth operation and prevention of potential hosting-related problems.


You will come across a number of integrations when browsing the HostGator marketplace. They help enhance your project security and functionality. Among the most popular extensions, it makes sense to mention the WordPress CMS, SiteLock and CodeGuard, Google Apps, email marketing solutions from Constant Contact as well as multiple design options that come as themes in the Mojo Marketplace.

HostGator Integrations

What’s important, HostGator supports plugins from WordPress, Magento and other popular CMS. To get access to these and other extensions, go to the control panel first for easy and comfortable browsing. All integrations are available in the same place here.

One-Click Installations

HostGator provides a built-in tool for one-click installations of popular apps like WordPress (read review), Joomla, Drupal, Magento and over 75 other software options. This feature makes it easy for users to set up and launch their websites quickly without technical know-how.

cPanel Control Panel

HostGator Control Panel

All HostGator plans come with cPanel, which is recognized as the most functional and convenient hosting control panel ever. It lets subscribers manage their web hosting accounts with ease, including setting up email accounts, managing domains, organizing web files and installing software.

SSL Certificates

HostGator provides free access to SSL certificates

With HostGator, you will get access to SSL certificates absolutely at no cost to help secure server-client communication on your site. SSL is crucial not only for security but also for improving SEO results.

Backup Options

Automatic weekly off-site data backups are included with each plan to protect against data loss. HostGator also offers additional paid backup services for more frequent or on-demand backups. They are made on the regular basis to make sure all your website data is safely protected and stored on the company servers.


For online store owners, HostGator supports eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Magento and others. Plans include features that support selling online like shopping carts, payment gateway integrations etc. Additionally, HostGator’s business plan includes a free dedicated IP, which is essential for safe launch and management of your Commerce site.

Email Hosting

HostGator provides unlimited email addresses with its hosting plans, featuring full POP3 and IMAP support, spam protection, and even email marketing tools with certain plans.

Advanced Programming and Databases

HostGator supports multiple programming languages, including PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, and Perl. It also offers unlimited MySQL databases with phpMyAdmin access, catering to more technical users who need to manage extensive data.

Domain Name Connection

HostGator allows for domain name connection that implies pointing your domain’s DNS settings to the system’s servers. The domain is included in all plans and will be viable for one year since the moment of registration. This means that you won’t have to pay more for the domain during this time and you won’t have to look for a third-party domain provider. Just follow the steps to update the nameservers in your domain registrar’s control panel. As soon as you make the updates, it will take some time to come into power.

Performance and Uptime

Performance and uptime are those critical indicators of the host’s popularity and trustability valued by most subscribers. When it comes to performance, HostGator provides generous resource allocations even on its lower-tier plans, with more advanced options available for larger sites. VPS and Dedicated Server options offer expanded resources for high-demand sites that need more power and better performance. Implementation of caching technologies, in its turn, helps reduce the load on servers and speeds up page delivery to end-users. This can be particularly impactful for sites with high levels of traffic. According to recent tests, HostGator has shown compliance with A+ level requirements. The average page speed here constitutes 691ms. This is quite a good result.

In terms of uptime, HostGator has demonstrated around 99.94% during the previous two years. This is quite a worthy indicator that ensures that sites hosted on the company servers are available almost round-the-clock. By the way, HostGator’s servers are monitored 24/7 by both automated systems and human oversight. This helps quickly detect and resolve potential issues before they impact website performance.

Customer Support

HostGator Support options are available 24/h

HostGator is known for its quick interaction with users who need immediate assistance and looking for various support options. The host actually offers several ways to get in touch with the support team so that users could pick the most suitable option based on their requirements and problems they face. Support options are available 24/7, including:

  • Phone Support: Direct phone provides a quick opportunity to get in touch with a support representative for immediate assistance;
  • Live Chat: The live chat feature is extremely popular among users, offering real-time help without the need for a phone call;
  • Email Support: For less urgent issues or when detailed documentation of an issue is required, email support is provided as well;
  • Knowledge Base: The official website offers explicit information about the potential problems and solutions to them. They are provided in a detailed and understandable manner, being categorized into sections for quick and easy access.

Additional resources include online community forums, a blog, social media platforms etc.

Pricing Policy

At HostGator, you have the opportunity to choose one of several plans included into each hosting package, namely:

  • Shared Hosting – Hatchling ($3.75/month), Baby ($4.50/month) and Business ($6.25/month) plans;
  • WordPress Hosting – Baby ($4.50/month), Business ($6.25/month) and Pro ($13.95/month) plans;
  • VPS Hosting – Snappy 2000 ($36.99/month), Snappy 4000 ($53.99/month) and Snappy 8000 ($95.99/month) plans;
  • Dedicated Hosting – Value Server ($91.98/month), Power Server ($121.88/month) and Enterprise Server ($141.99/month) plans;
  • Reseller Hosting – Snappy 2000 ($36.99/month), Snappy 4000 ($53.99/month) and Snappy 8000 ($95.99/month) plans.


Summing up the info above, we may conclude that HostGator is that very hosting provider you can absolutely rely on, when it comes to safe and professional website hosting needs. It will serve equally well individuals just starting with their projects and large enterprises willing to establish a trusted web presence. With a comprehensive suite of services that includes shared, VPS, dedicated, cloud, reseller and WordPress hosting, HostGator demonstrates flexibility and scalability that can grow with your website.

HostGator’s strong points lie in its reliable performance backed by a 99.4% uptime guarantee, user-friendly tools for website management, multiple integrations, the capability to handle both low and high-traffic websites. The inclusion of features like one-click installations, free SSL certificates, free cPanel and site migration, email marketing tools etc. make it a competitive choice in the crowded hosting market.

Overall, HostGator should be regarded as a feature-laden and reputable hosting provider for beginners and web experts alike. It doesn’t matter what kind of project you run, what budget you can invest and what requirements you have, HostGator has a suitable plan for you.

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