Hello, I'm Paul, and I bring over a decade of web development experience from SiteBuilders.PRO.

Over time, I've noticed that many Google Sites users, while initially satisfied with their websites, eventually find themselves in need of additional functionalities that surpass what Google Sites can offer. Often, these website owners encounter difficulties when attempting to implement these enhancements on their own.

This realization has inspired me to offer a solution: a service dedicated to streamlining the process of migrating websites from Google Sites to the more feature-rich WordPress platform. With six years of expertise in handling such transitions, I've successfully guided numerous clients in transitioning from Google Sites to WordPress. I'm enthusiastic about extending my expertise to assist you as well. All you need to do is complete the contact form and provide a brief overview of your website.


    Website migration is a complex and time-consuming endeavor, requiring specialized technical skills and expertise. It is highly recommended to enlist the services of a professional web designer to handle this task.


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    Your questions about Google Sites or WordPress are warmly welcomed.

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    Get your Google Sites website swiftly and accurately migrated to WordPress.
    Seamless domain name transfer
    Effortless transfer of graphic and textual content
    Meticulous manual design replication
    Smooth import of online store data
    Expert copywriting and SEO services


    What makes me stand out from the competition is my unique manual website transfer process, which allows for the faithful replication and even enhancement of all elements in your existing website design. When you select me for your website transfer needs, you can have absolute confidence in the impeccable quality and on-time completion of the project.

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    Just place an order and I will do the rest!

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    I accept your order only when I can guarantee top-notch quality.

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    A website transfer will be done SEO-correctly.

    Individual Client Approach

    I use only a person-to person communication!

    Affordable & Fixed Prices

    The best price offer on the market. The cost is always fixed!

    Manual Website Migration

    Only handmade work, without any robots or parsers.


    I'll assist you in transferring your Google Sites website to WordPress with the utmost precision. Everything will be seamlessly moved, including your domain name, website design, text and graphic content, and SEO settings, ensuring a comprehensive transition.

    Free Consultation

    You show me the website you need to migrate


    We clarify everything concerning the transfer.


    You approve the general website layout.

    Transfer Process

    Website transfer generally takes up to 7 days.

    Ready Website

    You approve your new website and make a payment.



      A: Generally, a full website migration, covering design, textual content, and graphics, will typically be completed in about 5-7 business days. Nevertheless, the exact timeframe may vary based on the size and complexity of the website.

      For example, a website with up to 10 pages can often be transferred within a 5-day timeframe, while a larger site consisting of 20-30 pages might necessitate up to 10 days for the migration process to be finalized.
      A: Yes, you can transfer your Google domain to WordPress. WordPress provides instructions and tools to help you easily transfer your domain and manage it within their platform, allowing for seamless integration with your website.
      A: No, Google Sites and WordPress are not the same. Google Sites is a simpler website builder with limited customization, while WordPress is a highly versatile and customizable platform that offers more features, themes, and plugins for various website needs.
      A: Indeed, your previous website will remain online without any disruptions. The migration process entails duplicating your existing website by generating a copy on your hosting account.

      Your old website will remain accessible on the internet until the domain name is linked to the new website.
      A: Absolutely, you have full autonomy to customize your new WordPress website as you desire. WordPress is an user-friendly content management system (CMS) that doesn’t require extensive learning.

      Furthermore, you don’t need to be concerned about unintentionally causing harm to your site. If any issues arise during the editing process, you can effortlessly restore your project using an automatically generated backup provided by WordPress.
      A: Indeed, your domain name remains unchanged on your new WordPress website. The process of connecting your domain name provides two options: either adjusting the name servers within your domain name registrar dashboard or transferring the domain name to the hosting.
      A: Typically, my aim is to painstakingly recreate the website with utmost fidelity to the original. Nonetheless, there are instances where certain elements may not be replicated using standard Google Sites features.

      Regardless, I conduct thorough discussions regarding all critical site components before commencing the project, ensuring the transfer of all essential elements.
      A: Certainly, I offer post-transfer services, which include website maintenance. You can find a comprehensive description of this service here.

      This service is particularly beneficial for those looking to not only transfer their website but also continually enhance it, focus on search engine optimization, and bolster their social media presence.

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