Adobe Portfolio vs. Wix

A portfolio is a must for creatives like photographers, artists, graphic designers, architects, etc. The market offers plenty of solutions for creating an effective gallery, and the only problem so far is which portfolio builder to choose. Ask your colleagues or friends to recommend a proper platform or make a little online inquiry yourself, and you’ll soon get a list of the top-recommended portfolio builders.

Wix and Adobe Portfolio should be on this list by all means, and in my review, I’ll compare these absolutely different instruments, which nevertheless may ideally perform your tasks. Both Wix and Adobe Portfolio serve the same goal. They allow an artist of any sort to create a professionally looking portfolio and showcase their creative services. Is Wix or Adobe Portfolio better for your project? Read this comprehensive comparison of the two platforms to know the answer.

Key Similarities

Besides a similar goal – the creation of impressive portfolios, the platforms under review have a couple of other general similarities. First, both Wix and Adobe Portfolio offer a simple site-building experience to non-coders. Both platforms provide users with appealing, professionally designed themes.

Wix and Adobe Portfolio can integrate with other apps, although these apps’ diversity and goals are different. Users can quickly get access to all the needed options of the platforms by subscribing. They can connect a custom domain to their portfolio website, too. However, all this works differently with the two platforms.

Key Differences

The mere explanations of what Wix and Adobe Portfolio are show how dramatically these solutions differ from each other.

Wix is one the most advanced site builders existing in the industry today. It serves to create websites of all types and offers a full package of services and features to ensure their complete functional equipment. It provides quick site-building for users who know little or nothing about coding and web design.

Wix Dashboard

Wix supports integrations with numerous add-ons, including SEO tools, eCommerce apps, marketing instruments, etc. Each of its plans goes with free hosting and free security certificates. Wix allows a user to connect a custom domain to their website. They can use a free Wix-branded domain, too.

Adobe Portfolio is an application within the Creative Cloud Suite, an all-in-one product from Adobe for site building and web design. The app can help a user to create various types of portfolios. This can be a one-page gallery, a multiple-page website, or a welcome page. Yet, using this builder, they cannot build anything except for portfolios.

Adobe Portfolio Dashboard

The application also integrates with other apps. However, we speak about Adobe apps only. There’s a truly small list of third-party applications that can be connected to your Adobe Portfolio website. For instance, you can use a custom domain from Namecheap. Connecting one from another host will involve quite a complex procedure with the necessity to change your DNS settings and other manipulations.

What Is Easier to Use?

Both Wix and Adobe Portfolio offer simple procedures for creating a portfolio. Choose any, and you’ll be ready with your online gallery in no time. You do not need to be a pro coder to build a simple but effective portfolio based on Wix or Adobe without an expert’s help.

Yet, if comparing the two platforms on the whole, Wix offers a simpler website-building experience in all respects. It may take a couple of hours at best to build a portfolio. A standard procedure includes these simple steps:

  1. Sign up.
  2. Opt for a suitable plan. It’ll go with hosting, a domain, etc.
  3. Choose an editor: at your disposal are the common Wix Editor and AI-powered Wix ADI.
  4. If you prefer Wix ADI, the editor will create a beautiful portfolio for you. You’ll only need to answer a number of questions from the system.
  5. If your choice is Wix Editor, you pick a template and customize it.
  6. You can add extra apps if necessary.
  7. You publish your website.
Wix Website Editor

Your online portfolio is ready to showcase your works and services.

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite is also easy to sign up with. However, the platform will be simple only for users with certain skills and enough experience with Adobe programs. Although the application’s portfolio-building process is straightforward, you need to know at least the basics of web design to launch your online project via Adobe Portfolio and make it fully workable.

Adobe Portfolio Editor

For instance, any website created on the Adobe Portfolio platform goes with a built-in domain. Connecting your existing domain or purchasing a new one involves manual changes to your website’s settings, and the procedure may seem daunting to a total beginner. Moreover, to feel the full power of the platform, a user should make friends with other Adobe instruments like Lightroom, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.

Design Options Comparison

In terms of design, both solutions are great in their own ways. Wix offers the simplest way to create an amazing portfolio. Adobe will arm you with the most powerful instruments to make your showcasing pages look unique.

Wix Portfolios Templates

The reasons for choosing Wix include the following design options:

  • The Wix ADI Editor that creates a portfolio without any effort on your part.
  • The Wix Editor based on drag-and-drop tech that requires no skills in web design.
  • Over 800 professional themes, 50+ of which are designed for building portfolios.
  • Full mobile responsiveness.
  • Easily customizable templates, with the ability to choose button patterns, change fonts, apply new color schemes, etc.
  • Users can observe all changes in real-time. Redo and Undo options are available.
  • Custom code options supported (for users who know CSS or HTML and wish to add unique design features).

So, when speaking about the Wix design advantages, the main one is simplicity. The site builder allows users to create impressive designs effortlessly.

When used together with Illustrator, Photoshop, and other Creative Cloud Suite applications for creatives, Adobe Portfolio can be a powerful means. When you know how to use the whole package, you can create beautiful, one-of-a-kind designs. The most useful options of Adobe Portfolio include the following:

Adobe Portfolio Template
  • 10+ themes for portfolios.
  • 6 welcome-page themes.
  • A straightforward customization process.
  • All themes are mobile-responsive.
  • Custom code access.
  • Integration with Adobe Fonts.
  • Easy access to Photo Grids, Illustrator, Lightroom Photos, and other vital applications for editing photo and video materials.
  • Behance integration.

The latter option may be crucial for a creative of any sort. Behance is an Adobe-powered social media network uniting artists, photographers, designers, and professionals engaged in the creative industry. Here, they can showcase their works and share experiences.

Website Functionality Comparison

From a functional capability perspective, Wix and Adobe Portfolio are entirely different instruments. Wix will let you create any website, including a portfolio, with the ability to turn it into eCommerce or at least accept payments. Adobe Portfolio is a strong means to work with design. All its integrations are related to this domain in this or that way.

Wix simplifies your website’s connection to your targeted audience thanks to a variety of built-in features. They start with free hosting, a free SSL certificate, certain amounts of storage and bandwidth, 24/7 customer support, etc. But that’s not all. All Wix templates have built-in SEO, so you can expect your website to be perfectly ranked by major search engines.

Wix offers a broad range of features for business activities and eCommerce. Almost all its plans accept payments – a vital option for many creatives. Depending on your plan, your feature set may include e-store features like these:

  • over 100 payment gateways easily added to your website;
  • payments in multiple currencies;
  • 250+ products;
  • from 100 to unlimited transactions per month;
  • sales through social media channels;
  • marketplace sales supported;
  • customer accounts;
  • dropshipping via Modalyst;
  • subscriptions;
  • the abandoned cart renewal option;
  • Gift Cards, and more.
Functionality Wix eCommerce

The platform is great in terms of analytics, too. Its premium plans include the Visitor Analytics suite. It will let you receive customized reports with exhaustive information about your visitors’ activities on your Wix website.

Moreover, Wix supports over 500 apps for smooth integration with your site. With their help, you can enhance your website’s functional capacities. Here are several examples of popular Wix add-ons that might be useful for a portfolio owner:

  • Marketing: Privy, Forms for Mailchimp, Omnisend, Constant Contact, etc.;
  • Analytics: Visitors Map, WEB-STAT, Blocky, Wix Counter, SimplyProfit, and more;
  • Ads: Klinken, Google Ads & Shopping, Ads for LinkedIn, Google AdSense, and others;
  • eCommerce: DeftShip, Lion Wheel Delivery, ProductBuddy, and more;
  • Design: Wix Pro Gallery, Impressive Slideshow Gallery, Typewriter Animation, etc.;
  • Intelligent Copy: Website Content, Bablic, ChatGPT-SEO & Product Content, and many others;
  • Social Media: WhatsApp Plugin, Instagram Followers Counter, TikTok Catalog Sync, etc.

These were only a few apps you can add to your portfolio if necessary. So, Wix will let you extend your portfolio possibilities, and you’ll be able to turn it into a successful eCommerce project.

Adobe Portfolio is all about design. You can subscribe to it as a part of the Creative Cloud Suite, and over twenty other applications will be accessible within your subscription. Of course, such must-have programs for web designers as Illustrator, Photoshop, and Lightroom will be at your disposal. Other supported apps are as follows:

  • InDesign;
  • Premiere Pro;
  • XD;
  • Adobe Express;
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro;
  • Creative Cloud Libraries;
  • After Effects;
  • Adobe Scans;
  • Fresco;
  • Adobe Fill & Sign;
  • Adobe Animate;
  • Adobe Capture;
  • Media Encoder;
  • InCopy;
  • Adobe Bridge, and others.
Functionality Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Portfolio is a poor choice for eCommerce equipment, marketing, and reporting. Its only option for online sales is Adobe Stock. You can integrate this app with your portfolio and sell your works via it.

The platform will let you add plenty of social media widgets and buttons to showcase your galleries on Instagram, Facebook, etc. You can create a welcome website with contact information, but you won’t be able to sell your products or services directly through your Adobe Portfolio.

So, in terms of design, Adobe Portfolio offers much more options. If you are an active user of Adobe services, you may really benefit from the Portfolio app. It’s a great way to engage your audience and showcase your work.

However, if your goal is to find clientele and run transactions, analyze your customers’ activities, offer coupons, and so on, Wix is a better choice. If you do not need to use Adobe design apps much, Adobe Portfolio won’t be helpful either. One of the main advantages of Wix is its perfect built-in SEO options. Frankly, Adobe Portfolio is not good from an SEO perspective.

Pricing Opportunities

Wix offers several plans designed to cover every user’s needs. When you choose a Wix plan, you can access all its basic services, including hosting, a domain, page editors, integrations, etc. Any Wix plan is enough to create a fully workable website and publish it online. The actual pricing system of Wix incorporates these plans:

Subscription Price (per month)
Essential Features
  • 2 members;
  • 2 GB storage;
  • basic marketing tools;
  • 1-year free domain.
  • 5 members;
  • accept payment options;
  • 50 GB storage;
  • basic tools for eCommerce, marketing, and analytics;
  • 1-year free domain.
  • 10 members;
  • accept payment options;
  • 100 GB storage;
  • a standard set of tools for eCommerce, marketing, and analytics.
Business Elite
  • 15 members;
  • accept payment options;
  • unlimited storage;
  • advanced developer platforms;
  • advanced tools for eCommerce, marketing, and analytics.

Besides these pricing packages, users can opt for the Enterprise plan. It will let you manage the set of necessary tools, and the price will be customizable. All the Wix plans go with a custom domain and the ability to remove Wix ads. You can expect to get 24/7 technical support as well.

Adobe Portfolio also requires a subscription. However, you need to subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, and Portfolio will be one of the available applications within it. The platform allows users to subscribe for various applications:

  • All apps are included for $54.99/mo. (20+ applications, including Portfolio);
  • A separate app (the price depends on the app): Premiere Pro, Photoshop, or Illustrator for $20.99/mo. per item, Adobe Express for $5.99/mo., Adobe Stock for $29.99/mo., etc.
  • Photography 1 TB with Lightroom apps and Photoshop for $19.99/mo., and other options.

The pricing system is quite flexible. A creative who searches for a comprehensive web design solution will easily find a suitable plan for themselves. The All Adobe Apps plan will let them showcase their works through major social media channels and sell them via Adobe Stock.


From a web design perspective, Wix and Adobe Portfolio are excellent tools. However, they will be helpful in absolutely different situations.

Adobe Portfolio may be a nice option if you need to create a unique, professionally looking gallery of your works or a welcome page to engage new clientele. Pay attention that the app’s main drawbacks are that you cannot run full-power eCommerce with its help, and the application requires more skills in web design. The Adobe Portfolio app is an ideal choice for those who already use or plan to use other Adobe instruments like After Effects or Photoshop.

Wix is a more universal solution. With its help, you can build an effective portfolio, although the site builder’s design capacities are more limited than with the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. Wix offers beginner-friendly editors and loads of extra features for seamless eCommerce and business activities. The platform will let you showcase, advertise, and sell your products directly on your Wix website.

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