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An online portfolio is the very first thing you should think about when thinking about presenting your services or business to the target audience. Therefore, this is a must for creatives and professionals that specialize in various industries.

A quality online portfolio makes it possible to display your work, projects, services, products or creations to a wider audience. In many cases, this becomes the first impression potential clients, employers or collaborators will have of you. A well-designed and organized portfolio can make a positive impact and help you stand out in a competitive market.

Online portfolios are easy to update and maintain. You can add new works, update descriptions, and make changes as your skills and achievements grow. As a result, you have more chances for successful collaboration and networking opportunities.

Having a professional-looking online portfolio can enhance your credibility and establish trust with your audience. But how can you get one, if you are not a web design pro? Website builders will certainly be of great help. I’m here to provide several samples of the most remarkable portfolios for you to see what different platforms have to offer.

1. MinLoveCat


MinLoveCat is a quality sample of the WordPress-powered business portfolio website belonging to the web design agency located in Singapore. They specialize in responsive web design, development of WP projects, HTML coding as well as UI/UX design. Obviously, they have launched this portfolio to showcase their best works and present the services they are ready to offer to their target audience.

The online portfolio looks clean, simple and concise. You won’t see any bright colors, interactive elements or complex web design solutions here. This, however, is not actually a must. The predominant black-and-white scheme with the focus on bright project images create a unified presentation of the company’s specialization. The menu grants access to the major info, including About, Services, Work, AI Drawing and Contact, while the portfolio collection itself comes with colorful preview images. As you press the image, you are provided with the more detailed description of the work you are interested in. Good job!

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2. Wendy Ju

Wendy Ju

Wendy Ju captivates your attention from the very first moment you visit the project. It looks quite extraordinary and unusual, triggering the desire to keep browsing the resource. Belonging to Wendy Ju, this graphic design portfolio created with Wix presents the author’s digital projects in an engaging and interactive way.

The highlights of this online portfolio are numerous. You can move its animated clickable graphic design elements with a mouse to see the details. As you scroll the page, you see project previews that you can click to view the detailed description. The menu comprises three sections, including the Resume access, Work and Contacts page. There are also social network buttons that make it possible to follow and track the updates and news. The only thing I would add is the testimonials section as this is one of the crucial points for a portfolio website. The rest is ok.

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3. Jules Davies

Jules Davies

Jules Davies focuses on highlighting the services offered by the author – Jules Davies – a photographer with years of niche expertise. The message of the project is understandable from the very first moment you visit it. What you will instantly notice is the abundance of photos referring to various topics and absence of texts and posts. Your entire attention is devoted to Jules’ works.

Created with Squarespace website builder, this online portfolio looks stylish and contemporary. As you scroll the page, you will see dozens of photos shot by the author. More samples are available on other website pages. By the way, they are divided into topics for browsing convenience – Lifestyle, Editorial, Fashion etc. The preview feature allows seeing the images in details. All of them are published against the snow white background to focus your attention on images rather than on unnecessary design elements. There is also an online form to get in touch with the photographer when required. It would be nice to add the About Me page here to provide more info about the author. However, this is still a catchy portfolio sample, indeed!

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4. Maria Marie

Maria Marie

Maria Marie is a full-featured sample of the Adobe Portfolio website owned by Marioly – a creative person, who has started the project to combine her passion for storytelling and movement in order to inspire intuition and creativity. Through this website, she offers her major services that include art and creative direction, branding, photography and styling, surface pattern design, mentoring and individual courses.

The portfolio itself looks bright, energetic, inspiring and even somewhat “girlish” as the prevailing color here is pink. “Finding beauty in the unexpected” – that’s how the author’s motto sounds and that’s what the portfolio is inspired by. The project is available in English and Spanish for users’ convenience. As you scroll the page, you will come across portfolio sample previews, newsletter to get in touch with the author, social network buttons and contacts. This ensures simple and convenient interaction between the artist and her fans.

5. Anton Cristell

Anton Cristell

Anton Cristell cannot but impresses visitors at the very first glance. When you access the page, you will find yourself on a blank canvas with the pencil in your hand. You can draw whatever you wish on that canvas just by moving the mouse around. This adds an interactive element to the process of website exploration.

To proceed to further portfolio exploration and to see the samples of Anton’s work, just reach the menu and see what is offered there. However, there are only two pages here – About and Works yet they still provide all the required info and with portfolio samples with details. If you are interested in a particular project, go ahead and use the search filter to find it. The only thing this Zyro-based portfolio lacks is the contacts page and user testimonials. That would make it easier-to-browse and more convenient/informative for visitors.


A professional online portfolio is a powerful tool for creatives and business owners willing to showcase their work, build credibility and connect with a broader audience. It’s an essential part of personal branding and career development you just cannot go without, if you wish to withstand the competition in your niche and grow your customer base.

Popular website builders are those tools that will help design your dream-portfolio with no coding skills, web design knowledge and much effort/budget investment. Hopefully, the samples reviewed above will give you a hint on what system to go for. Good luck!

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