Real Estate Website Examples

Having a real estate website is a great advantage for individuals and businesses involved in the real estate industry. These include real estate agents, brokers, property developers and investors. This is a kind of intermediary resource between potential clients and real estate agents/owners.

A real estate website also serves as a centralized platform to showcase property listings. You can display details, photos, videos and virtual tours of properties, making it easy for buyers, renters and investors to browse and find objects that match their criteria.

Frequently coming with lead capture forms, these projects let visitors inquire about the details of properties they are interested in or request more information. This is how your client base actually grows.

Do you have to be a web design pro to set up a real estate website independently? Not necessarily. The use of website builders (both all-in-one and specialized) eliminates the need to learn intricate programming nuances. Just follow the guidelines to get started with your project any time! I’m eager to show you a few samples of quality real estate websites right away.

1. Key International

Key International

Key International sees its mission in providing a broad spectrum of real estate services, starting with professional consultations and up to the agreement completion. The company is based in Miami, Florida and, thus, has an unlimited list of properties to offer to its clients. These include apartments, hotels, condominiums, offices and more. Their portfolio of successful cases is quite impressive as well.

This real-estate website powered by WordPress does not only look stylish, but also offers lots of features, elements and characteristics that make it stand out from the crowd. When you access it for the first time, your attention will be attracted by the full-screen video background and large high quality images of properties available for rent and sale. There is also a separate portfolio section, where you can view the offers to further get in touch with the company managers. Among the features that are a must-have for this type of project, it makes sense to mention Google Maps integration, brand logo and availability of built-in online forms. It would be nice to add the FAQs section, user testimonials and a live chat here, however. This would certainly improve the communication between the company managers and customers.

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2. Next Door Alliance

Next door alliance

Next Door Alliance is one of the most remarkable samples of projects created with Wix website builder. This is the real estate agency website that represents the services offered by a property management company. The project has a trusted, stylish and contemporary look due to the abundance of large photos of skyscrapers on the homepage highlighted by the prevalence of blue colors. This creates even a futuristic feel that urges users for further website exploration.

The website comes with all the must-have features a real estate project should have. Along with animated interactive elements, brand logo and easy navigation, users have an opportunity to use the “Request a Quote” button to have their projects calculated in advance. There are also several CTA and social network buttons, Chat with Us widget, online contact forms and client testimonials. For users looking for job opportunities, the website provides the possibility to fill out the application form and place their inquiry directly on the website. This is obviously quite a professional sample of a real estate website!

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3. At Home Real Estate

At Home Real Estate

At Home Real Estate provides exhaustive information about the real estate business. Created with Squarespace, the website abounds in niche tools and features that make it prevail over lots of other resources. The very first thing that grabs user attention here is the unique combination of colored and black-and-white photos available on all website pages. To explore the range of services provided and to read the detailed info, you need to scroll down the page and the facts would pop up. This contributes to the ease of reading.

The website abounds in CTA buttons and there is also access to customer reviews and Instagram/Facebook accounts. The listings are regularly updated to provide only up-to-date and valuable information. Integration of the Google Maps widget allows for detailed location of properties you are interested in. Personally, I also liked the customer testimonials and FAQs sections as they turned out to be quite informative and useful. Probably, it would be convenient to add a live chat here for quicker interaction between clients and company managers. The rest is ok here.

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4. Search Greenbriar Homes


Search Greenbriar Homes is a place to reach for those looking for property in Greenbriar and beyond. The team of experts will eagerly help each and every client buy or sell a home on the most appropriate terms and conditions. They strive to be the field leaders in innovation, research and consumer experience. “Clients come first” is their motto and it absolutely complies with the company’s aspirations.

This Placester-powered website looks quite simple – it’s design is not complicated at all. This, however, is not needed here as the resource abounds in useful info available on several major pages – Listings Search, About, Floor Plans etc. A large slider on the homepage provides a quick view of the recently added properties, while the built-in Get in Touch form contributes to more convenient communication with the project developers. The highlight of the website is the integrated mortgage calculator that helps estimate the approximate sum of mortgage payment, providing the required info – Home Price, Down Payment, Interest Rate and Loan Term. This is a convenient feature that is a must for any real estate website.

5. Kayla Campbell

Kayla Campbell

Kayla Campbell is a personal website owned and managed by Kayla Campbell, a real estate agent who resides in Florida. This is the place where she tells about herself, her career, business objectives, achievements and aspirations. Clients willing to cooperate with Kayla can browse the resource and get in touch with her to discuss the details.

Powered by Real Geeks, this website looks very professional and it is also highly informative. When scrolling the page, you can read detailed info about the agent, look through her current listings, schedule and call and look for the required property using the search filters. There is also a link to the property valuation tool as well as links for sellers and buyers willing to sell/buy homes. You can search the required property using various parameters – country, city, type and even number of baths and beds. To store the info and all your deals in one place, you can sign up for an account on the website. A perfect example of a real estate website, I should say!


A real estate website is a powerful tool for professionals and businesses in the real estate industry. It provides a trusted platform to showcase properties, establish credibility, generate leads and connect with potential clients and investors in a convenient and efficient manner.

Setting up such a website should not be complicated at all for real estate property owners who are not generally aware of coding nuances. This is where website builders come in handy. These systems are created with the needs of beginners in mind, offering a variety of tools, features and services out-of-the-box. Samples provided above are the best proofs of website builder efficacy, convenience and simplicity. Just pick one that suits your most and proceed to your real estate website creation.

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